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Dear Kingdom Investors,

The first Need:-

                         As I am sharing all the update with you in my newsletters and telling about the native ministers needs in India sometime.  The Lord Holy Spirit laid a burdent on our heart to pray for these minister's needs and to help them with the Gospel equipments like eachone with a bicycle, a playing drum and a gas light for reaching the unreached people in India.

These ministers are reaching many interior places with their walking and suffering a lot in their daily lives, and even do not having a bicycle to reach some other villages to preach the Gospel.  India is a big country and for a big nation for the Gospel.  These ministers are so diligent and working hard for the perishing souls to be saved.  Most of the nativie ministers even don't have a playing drum to be used in the sunday services or for worship services.  Many ministers are living in the rented homes, and doing worships in the rented houses, many nights these ministers suffered a lot to go to the neighbor villages for preaching the Gospel due to lack of gaslight, since India having no sufficient electrical facilitied in some interior villages or places.

I was so bathered when I ministered in some of these places and churches.  So, I was inspired by God Almighty and wanted to pray and support them atleast a 20 ministers with each one with each a bicycle, a playing drum, and with a gas light for their convinience to do the Gospel work with some satisfaction.  These are the minimum ministry needs for their call.

So, as per the present rates of the Gospel instruments, a bicycle will at the cost US $ 75, and a playing drum is at US $ 50 and the gaslight is at US $ 60. 

So, for one minister it will be needed a US $ 185.  Therefore for the 20 ministers it is a total amount of US $ 3700. Please pray for this need., and call the monies in Jesus Name to come in.

So, dear friends and investor, on behalf of our ministry we humbly asking  you to pray for us to be met all these needs in Jesus Name.  Amen.  Thanks for all your prayers and support.

May God bless you as you sacrifice your time to pray for us and for your support.  We ask God to bless you abundantly and give you a hundred foldings of blessings into your families and ministries.

In His righteousness,

K.Kumar Raju. 

Cell : 00 91 9908731677

We appreciate your prayers and concerns.

A. For Wire transfer or direct deposit

1. for wire transfer just go to my bank web and find my bank address

i.e. SBGEN A/c No. 006001525824 , and my name is K. Kumar Raju.

and this is my bank address

ICICI Bank Limited,
Visakhapatnam Branch
47 - 14 -18, Isnar Satyaari Complex, Mani Road,

You can send it to my bank address. Please find the bank web and go to VISAKHAPATNAM branch office, then send the monies into my Savings Account number 006001525824.

Or else,

2. Through Western Union you can send me to my snail mail address


INDIA 532407

Second Need:-

                As we are reaching and ministering in many churches, we find many new and old believers even don't having the Bibles in their hands due to lack of monies to buy for themselves.  It is also bathered me a lot, so, we started to pray for helping atleast a 1000 believers with giving them each Bible to each person.  So, we need a 1000 Bibles .

Here in India a Bible is costly at $ 4.  So, for a thousand bibles, we are needed US $ 4000.

Third Need for Missionary trips:-

The Lord Holy Spirit is leading me to visit USA to ministers in some states to bring great revival among the Churches, and ministries.  So, I am planning to visit atleast 4 to 5 states in USA.  Most probably this visit will be in August of this year 2009.  I covet all your prayers for this visit to reach many unreached, and to manifest many miracles, healings, deliverances in Jesus Name.

For this missionary trip we are expecting a US $ 3500 will be needed.

And as well the same visit for Australia in the month October or November.  This visit will be costing at the AUS $ 4000.