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Why should we ( the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth ) go to the nations ? Please listen to this message. People are precious, need to tell them about Jesus, are to pray for their healings, deliverances, for manifesting the Power of the Lord. There are many reasons.... please have some time to listen to this beautiful message, this is one of our recent crusades message.

Friends, we ask you to pray for my USA visit in the month of October, . We are trusting the Lord for all the provision, I needed your wonderful precious and powerful prayers for the doors to be opened for my fares, accomodations, on the way and on the ground expenses, and also for every expenses.

Note : This visit to the USA is not for raising FUNDS, it is mostly focussed on preaching the Gospel, sharing the Word of God and my Vision , Teaching, and for Healings, Deliverances, and to bless the precious people with the Prayers. Also for building up the relations, friendships and the fellowship of the Lord. I only do like to stay not more than for 2 - 3 days ministry / fellowship at each place / friend's house.

So, friends, please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in my visit to you in the USA, sothat I can work on preparing on my Itinerary. I am visiting in the month of October. Please ask me anything for more details in my FB inbox, email, and through sms / call into my mobile +91 990 873 1677. We are praying for you all, and hoping to hear from you soon. God bless you.

Jesus For All Generations Ministries is a faith based ministry and relies solely on the generous support of God's people. Should the Lord place it on your heart to support the ministry please use either any of these two address details.

Thank you somuch.

How You Can Sow ?

a. Through paypal
b. To Send us your support through Western Union :-

Our Address: -

Title Name / Family Name : KOMANNAPALLI
Door / House Number : 3 – 141
Street's Name : FRIEND'S COLONY
Village Name : J. R. PURAM ( VILLAGE & POST )
Mandal / Town : RANASTHALAM
District Name : SRIKAKULAM
Country : INDIA.
Pin / Zip code : 532407

If they ask city area name, then give them city name as V I S A K H A P A T N A M.

this is the address for using western union dear brothers / sisters. God bless you.













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